The school system is broken

We're here to fix that. 2 weeks. 15 expert workshops. World-class startup Mentoring. Absolutely FREE. Next cohort starts 19th December.

    Online immersion

    Teaching young people aged 13-18 entrepreneurship like it's never been done before. All from the comfort of your home. And for FREE! Watch our first cohort sessions below.

    Global network

    Connect with like minded students from across the world through group coaching, mentoring and team building. Our first cohort had students from Norway, UAE, Saudi, America, Lebanon, India, Singapore and even east London!

    Cutting edge learning

    3 pillars of our programme are: interactive workshops, group coaching, 1:1 mentoring and a unique 3 part curriculum detailed below along with the experts from our first cohort.

    Mind Space

    Think like a well rounded entrepreneur- from adaptability to the legal and financial.

    Entrepreneurial mindset

    Investment Readiness

    Legal 101

    Problem Space

    Einstein said, “It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with the problems longer.” Learn how to become a problem expert.

    Inventing 101

    Social Impact 101

    Innovation 101

    Product-Market Fit

    Solution Space

    Build, scale and sell your solution with help from world renown experts.

    AI x No Code 101

    Your Unfair Advantage

    Pitching 101

    Marketing 101

    Sample timetable for December (TBC)

    Dec Time (UK)10am2.30pm5pm
    Tue 19th-Mindset-
    Wed 20th-Ideation 101 
    Thu 21st-Invention 101AMA (optional)
    Fri 22ndProduct Market Fit-AMA (optional)
    Mon 25th-Innovation-
    Tue 26thPitching 101Investment Readiness 
    Wed 27th-Legal 101Impact 101
    Thur 28th-AMA (optional)Your Unfair Advantage
    Fri 29th-Marketing 101AMA (optional)
    Mon 1stAI x No-codePitch PractiseGraduation

    1% better every day

    Just moving the needle 1% day on day will result in exponential growth. This is the mindset we wish to instill in our students and the philosophy behind our name.

    Interested in something more advanced? Introducing the

    Join the a radical new model that combines the best of a lean startup launching system with an innovative MBA. Fill out a 1 minute application form to find out more.

    MBA +

    All the essentials of an MBA an easy, interactive online format including:



    Data & Decisions


    Launch School

    An easy as pie curriculum to take you from idea to scale using our SCALE system:Seek: Get early adopters who are trying to solve the problem.
    Craft: Refine your marketing message to engage potential customers.
    Achieve: Confirm willingness to pay for your solution (MVP- Minimal Viable Product)Leverage: Provide manual solutions and gather feedback (MLP- Minimal Likable Product)Expand: Automate and scale your solution to broader markets.

    Power skills

    Quarterly meet ups

    Fireside expert chats

    Fortnightly mentoring

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